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Want all Reds?, Crazy about one particular wine? Then the Flexible club is for you. Just select a minimum of three (3) wines per shipment four times a year. You choose which wines and how many we ship! If you forget to select your wines we will simply ship you the 3 Bottle shipment for that month. Average cost per shipment is based on your choices, and as always, Shipping is Free!  

Benefits Include:

  • Free Shipping                                                                                                   
  • Four shipments per year (February, May, September and December)
  • Complimentary wine tasting for the member and three guests 
  • 25% off any Case purchases (includes mixed cases)*
  • 10% Discount on all Wine purchases

The not so fine print:

Upon joining you will be sent the last wine club selection and your credit card will be charged for the wines. With each shipment we will charge your credit card for the shipment only as Shipping is on us! Membership may be cancelled after your first two shipments and at least 30 days prior to the subsequent shipment. Free Shipping not valid for Alaska and Hawaii.                       

Club Choices
December 2021

Gentle reminder

November is here which means it's Holiday and wine club release time at Paul O’Brien Winery!

We encourage you to stop by and taste the club selections.

You may log on to our website and make your selections (see below for directions). 

Last day to change selection updates December 5

Please note: that you will be charged for the default order (below) if you do not make your choices.

Credit card charged December 6

Wine shipped December 8

If you prefer we can make the changes for you, please call: 541-673-2280

December 2021 Default Selections

We are excited to offer the following default selections! The winemaker selections for December include 2016 Pinot Noir Susan Vineyard, 2016 Sangiovese and 2017 Cask 11 Tempranillo.

Please be sure to make your selections online, by email, in person, or by phone. If you have any questions we are always here to help. 

2016 Pinot Noir Susan Vineyard - $40.50* after club discount


Susan's Vineyard is a high elevation vineyard located in the Umpqua Valley. Planted all to Dijon Clones this vineyard exhibits the classic Oregon Pinot Noir characters of elegant fruit and forest floor. Vintage 2016 was a  warm dry year with perfect growing conditions in late summer and early fall.  We harvested on September 20th nearly three weeks earlier than average. The 2016 Susan's Vineyard is 75% clone 777, 12% 114, 12% 115 and 1% 667. We utilized 38% whole cluster. This method of fermenting on the stems with the berries intact contributes beautiful raspberry frambois character to the wine. Aging in 25% new French Oak for 12 months softened the tannins to a silky texture. 

Tasting Notes: The complex nose is full of cherry, raspberry, vanilla, baking spice and forest floor. As you taste the wine you will enjoy the silk texture with sweet fruit and structured tannins wrapped in beautiful acidity. The finish is layered in red fruit and a hint of crushed rose petal. 

Pairs well with: Martha Stewart's Herbed Turkey Breast


2016 Sangiovese - $40.50* after club discount

While working with La Famiglia di Robert Mondavi as well as the Frescobaldi family in Tuscany, I became enamored with Sangiovese. The wine is a challenge to make with high acidity, high vigor in the vineyard and lots of variability in ripening. Yet when done well Sangiovese is unmistakable in the glass and an experience that rivals the great wines of the world. I was pleased to find small plantings in Southern Oregon and am excited to discover the potential of Sangiovese in our region. The latitude of Southern Oregon is similar to Tuscany as well as rainfall and growing conditions. It only makes sense that this variety would do well in our area. 

Fermented in our Oak casks and T-bins this wine was gently punched down during fermentation and allowed to macerate for 16 days on skins. Aged in a combination of puncheons and french oak barrels with 28% new Oak for two years. 

Red Brick color with a classic Sangiovese nose of crushed dried violets, leather, cocoa powder and cinnamon. The first taste of  With firm tannins and savory acid this wine has the backbone to age well. 

Tasting Notes: Dried wild strawberry leads to a darker black raspberry and black truffle.

Pairs well with: Braised Lamb Shanks with Roasted Tomatoes


2017 Cask 11 Tempranillo - $32.40* after club discount

Our Cask 11 Tempranillo reflects the old-world style of aging wines in large casks. Cask 11 is fermented and aged in 300-gallon French Oak Casks. Utilizing the larger oak casks vs. small oak barrels reduces the impact of the oak on the flavor of the wine. The cask fermentation retains heat and encourages tannin development through gentle extraction and maturation. After fermentation, we age the wine for 14 months before bottling. The 2017 Cask 11 is earthy and complex with a rich backbone of dark fruit and spice.  

Tasting Notes: Elegant tannins, fruit forward with a touch of coco and leather on the finish.

Pairs well with: Steak au poivre and pommes frites (fries)

*Price quoted is after wine club discount. Cases are 25% off

(does not include case specials)

Please take a moment to make sure we have a current credit card and shipping address on file.

You can do this by logging into your account, stopping by the tasting room, or calling us at:

(541) 673-2280



1) LOG IN to your account 

2) Click "Hello (Your Name)" at the top right corner of the page

3) Click "Manage Clubs" from the left menu

4) Choose the Club you want to edit and click "Edit Club"

5) Scroll down past "email greetings" to make your wine selections.  Please remember that you must select at least three bottles but may select as many as you wish. Which wines you select is up to you. 

6) Scroll to the bottom and click "Submit"

7) LOG IN to your account by Clicking Here

If you have any questions, please reach out to us via email at: or by phone at 541-673-2280.

Happy Holidays from our families to yours!

Scott & Dyson

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2016 Pinot Noir Susan's Vineyard
2016 Pinot Noir Susan's Vineyard 750ML
$45.00 (List Price)
$40.50 ($4.50 savings)
2016 Sangiovese
2016 Sangiovese 750ML
$45.00 (List Price)
$40.50 ($4.50 savings)
2017 Cask 11 Tempranillo
2017 Cask 11 Tempranillo 750ML
$36.00 (List Price)
$32.40 ($3.60 savings)
2017 Cabernet Sauvignon - Case Special
2017 Cabernet Sauvignon - Case Special
$239.00 (List Price)
$215.10 ($23.90 savings)
La Dame 3 for 2
La Dame 3 for 2 750 ml
$150.00 (List Price)
$135.00 ($15.00 savings)
2018 Pinot Noir Umpqua Valley
2018 Pinot Noir Umpqua Valley 750 ml
$32.00 (List Price)
$28.80 ($3.20 savings)
2015 Pinot Noir Umpqua Valley
2015 Pinot Noir Umpqua Valley 750ML
$28.00 (List Price)
$25.20 ($2.80 savings)
2018 Pinot Noir Willamette Valley
2018 Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 750ML
$32.00 (List Price)
$28.80 ($3.20 savings)
2016 Pinot Noir Bradley Vineyard
2016 Pinot Noir Bradley Vineyard 750ML
$45.00 (List Price)
$40.50 ($4.50 savings)
0 min
2016 Pinot Noir Madrona Hill
2016 Pinot Noir Madrona Hill 750ML
$55.00 (List Price)
$49.50 ($5.50 savings)
2016 Tempranillo
2016 Tempranillo 750ML
$42.00 (List Price)
$37.80 ($4.20 savings)
2016 Cask 11 Tempranillo
2016 Cask 11 Tempranillo 750ML
$36.00 (List Price)
$32.40 ($3.60 savings)
2014 La Dame
2014 La Dame 750ML
$75.00 (List Price)
$67.50 ($7.50 savings)
2017 Cabernet Sauvignon
2017 Cabernet Sauvignon 750 ml
$36.00 (List Price)
$32.40 ($3.60 savings)
2017 Merlot
2017 Merlot 750ML
$36.00 (List Price)
$32.40 ($3.60 savings)
2016 Cabernet Franc
2016 Cabernet Franc 750ML
$36.00 (List Price)
$32.40 ($3.60 savings)
2016 Malbec
2016 Malbec 750ML
$36.00 (List Price)
$32.40 ($3.60 savings)
2018 Syrah
2018 Syrah 750ML
$42.00 (List Price)
$37.80 ($4.20 savings)
2018 GSM
2018 GSM 750 ml
$32.00 (List Price)
$28.80 ($3.20 savings)
2016 Il Rinnegati
2016 Il Rinnegati 750ML
$75.00 (List Price)
$67.50 ($7.50 savings)
2014 Il Rinnegati
2014 Il Rinnegati 750ML
$75.00 (List Price)
$67.50 ($7.50 savings)
2017 Dolcetto
2017 Dolcetto 750 ml
$36.00 (List Price)
$32.40 ($3.60 savings)
2019 Charlemagne
2019 Charlemagne 750ML
$26.00 (List Price)
$23.40 ($2.60 savings)
2020 Fume Blanc
2020 Fume Blanc 750 ml
$26.00 (List Price)
$23.40 ($2.60 savings)
2020 Rosato
2020 Rosato 750ML
$20.00 (List Price)
$18.00 ($2.00 savings)
2019 Moscato
2019 Moscato 750ML
$20.00 (List Price)
$18.00 ($2.00 savings)
2013 Vin Santo
2013 Vin Santo 375ML
$50.00 (List Price)
$45.00 ($5.00 savings)
2015 Malmsey
2015 Malmsey 375ML
$35.00 (List Price)
$31.50 ($3.50 savings)
2015 Mistelle of Pinot Noir
2015 Mistelle of Pinot Noir 375ML
$35.00 (List Price)
$31.50 ($3.50 savings)
Holiday Special 4-Pack 2021
Holiday Special 4-Pack 2021
$125.00 (List Price)
$112.50 ($12.50 savings)
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